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I wanted to share a reading of one of my favorite books from my childhood. I think you'll agree that this geust reader can not be topped. I have also added two easy art project ideas for little artists to try (Grover plate & make your own loveable monster at the end of the book).

Grover Project supplies-

Paper plate

Blue paint or blue markers (for fur)

Black construction paper (mouth & eyes)

White paper (for oval eyes)

Pink paper (for oval nose)



Here are a few tips to making this project. Don't worry if you don't have the exact supplies just have fun and improvise. For some extra fun you can use a fork to apply tbe blue paint for Groovers fur. If you add a little glue to the paint it will be easy to add the eyes, nose and mouth. 

Make your own monster supplies-

Paper bag- for head and body 

Glue or paste

Construction paper scraps


Google eyes


I like to start with the inside of the month by gluing the paper inside. Then, I work on the head and body. Have fun figuring out how many eyes it will have, if the teeth are sharp, or how long the tongue will be for your monster. I add the back paper last and then I add arms, legs and a tail. You can go back and add fun details like scales and horns.

After you are done making your monster puppets you can put on a show for your family. Come up with a beginning, middle and an end for your story and practice it a few times before you have your audience sit down for the show. I would love for people to share any pictures of creations the kids make and or pictures of them in the creative process. 

Stay healthy and happy!

Kris Roba

Video Instructions by Artist Aaron Barnes

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