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Hi Creative Artists, 

What's in your bottle? This a really fun and creative art project for kids of varying ages to try. Imagine a world in a bottle. What does it look like? Who is in there and what are they doing? Where is this bottle? Have a discussion and come up with some ideas you can explore. You can draw your own bottle or print out the template I have attached. The idea is to let your imagination run wild. Please see the examples below of how some other artists interpretid this project. You can also place your bottle in an environment after you fill it. Maybe it is on a table or in the sand or even floating in the water. You can use markers, pencils, pens, or colored pencils to complete your project. I suggest material with a fine tip. Now it is time to unleash your imagination on the paper.

If you like this project there is an great acivity to go along with it that is also a lot of fun. I call it the I spy bottle. It's time to open up the junk drawer and use those single earrings, odd puzzle pieces, safety pins, old buttons, pennies and small toys. I suggest using a recycled clear plastic bottle to put your treasure of items safely inside. You can also fill the bottle with sand, rice, cereal, dried beans, ripped paper, pebbles or even water. The idea is to create an I spy world in a bottle. Make sure you put the cap on tight after you fill your bottle with items and your filler material. I usually tape the top with duct tape so that nothing leaks and no one is tempted to open it. Kids get a kick out of asking others to find all of the items they carefully put inside their bottle. I have also attached a link for a book, "The Uncorker Of Ocean Bottles" to go with the art project and activity. I hope you have a wonderful time making some creative art. Please share any photos of your art or yourself making it with us. I just can't wait to see what everyone is up to at home.

Thank you and be well,

Kris Roba 

AR Books For You: The Uncorker Of Ocean Bottles

YouTube: The Uncorker Of Ocean Bottles

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