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Hi AOY Friends,

This project can basically be completed at any time and for anyone because who doesn’t love cute little feet!

Take good care,

Kris McMahon-Roba 

AOY Summer Camp Director 

Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Art the perfect gift.

Not only are these fun to make, but they turn out beautiful. I cherish any artwork with my kids pictures or hand prints or foot prints. You can use any paint colors you have at home as long as it is washable and non- toxic. A paint brush or a sponge brush will work well to apply the paint stripes to the feet. I like to let the kids paint their own feet and not worry so much about if they look like stripes. I recommend to do this project outside and to have some wipes handy for clean up. White or light colored paper would work best for printing the painted feet. Have the kids count to 10 and stay in one spot while printing one foot at a time. The tricky part is remembering to print the feet lining up the pinky toes next to eachother so the big part of the wing is on the outer area. It will look as if your feet were crossed and printed. It's a good idea to have a disposable paper towel for them to step onto after printing. This will help contain the mess a bit. After the paint dries you can add some details like antennas, eyes, a smile, and a body. I recommend adding a thoughtful message too (example-You make my heart soar)! You could even ask your child how the person they are making it for helps them to grow and what ways they teach them to be a good person. Then you can take this list and incorporate it into the inside of a card. I think it would be fun to let the kids paint the adults feet and help them do a print. I suggest a nature walk to look for butterflies and cacoons in your area. I have included a coloring page, read aloud book video and a butterfly sing along. Please feel free to share pictures of your art and adventures. 


Remember each of you are as unique and beautiful as butterflies. 

Stay safe & healthy!!!




Paper (light colors)



Paper towels


Book-A Butterfly is Patient

Butterfly song about the life cycle stages - Google Images

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