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Check out this great activity to do with kids that incorporates science and art. I recomend doing alk the steps to this activity out side. The fun science part is in the creating the chalk paint. Kids with adult supervision will mix these everyday items to create desired colors. The fun art part is what you make with the chalk paint. Maybe you will be inspired to create an uplifting message to a neighbor or friend on the side walk. I like to take a piece of chalk with me now when I walk so that I can write a note to the ceative artists who decorate in our neighboorhood.
Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Ingredients 1 cup flour 1 cup water 1 tablespoon dish soap – just about any dish soap will work. 5-10 drops food coloring or washable paint How to Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint In a large mixing bowl stir together the flour and water until there are no lumps. Stir in the dish soap to the flour mixture. Add food coloring of your choice of color until the desired color is achieved. Pour the mixture into your squeeze bottle. Give the kids their new sidewalk paint and let them have fun!
Use up the paint on the same day you make it, this recipe doesn’t save well… it will explode if you leave it closed. DO NOT SAVE THE PAINT!

If you are making multiple colors, make each color in a different bowl or one at a time and pour into the bottles and then make the next color. I encourage recycling, so I like to rinse out and save condiment and shampoo bottles to recycle into puffy paint bottles. If you don't have a bottle you can use an icing bag and a clothes pin too.

There are a lot of fun side walk chalk activities to do. I have included some pictures to inspire your creativity. You could go for some old school fun and teach your kids to play hop scotch or you could do a chalk physical challenge. For the chalk physical challenge use the chalk to create a fun course for your kids to burn off some energy and get some exercise. Have a start line and a finish line and a lot of fun in between with areas that they have to hop on lily pads, jump on logs, avoid alligators by balancing on a bridge and more. Checkout this video link https://youtu.be/21Nw7wT3wJ8 for some good chalk challenge inspiration.
Have a great creative time!

Kris Roba

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