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AOY Art Center is pleased to offer Chocolates by Leopold to make your Mother's Day extra special.  Limited time opportunity! 

Orders must be pre-paid and completed by April 25th to receive them in time for Mother's Day.  Buyers will need to pick up orders from AOY on Saturday, May 8th between 10 AM and 12 PM or by appointment. 

Chocolates by Leopold is all about taste—the best tasting gourmet chocolates that you can find. Our chocolates are a mix of old-fashioned candy making and new approaches. Our chocolatier, Leopold Schreiber, uses fourth generation German recipes for handmade candy centers. He also uses the lost art of starch-casting creams in a cornstarch infused with mineral oil. So our candy centers are creamy and flavorful with less sugar and no fillers.

 For more information on Chocolates by Leopold, visit the chocolatier's website at chocolatesbyleopold.net.

Thank you. Your purchase supports AOY Art Center and our mission to provide arts education and support local artists in our community.

Decorated Peanut Butter Cups

5 Piece Box - 2.2 oz - $7.20

15 Piece Box - 6.7 oz - $18.00

Black-Eyed Susan - White Chocolate Only 0.5 oz

Price: $2.40 each

Tulip Pops, Large  1.3 oz

Price: $3.00 each

Tulip Pops, Small - 0.4 oz

Price: $ 1.20

Size and Chocolate Type
Type of Chocolate
Type of Chocolate

Lipstick - Milk Chocolate Only - 0.8 oz

Price: $ 3.00

Rose Pop - 0.8 oz  

Price: $ 1.80

Type of Chocolate

Shoe - 2.2 oz 

Price: $ 4.80

Type of Chocolate

Happy Mother's Day Bar - 1.9 oz

Price: $ 3.90

Type of Chocolate

Mother's Day Hat - 7.5 oz  

Price: $ 14.40

Teacup - 2.8 oz  

Price: $ 6.00

Teapot - 5.6 oz

Price: $ 12.00

Happy Mother's Day Gift Box - 9.6 oz  

Price: $ 22.00

Type of Chocolate

Our Favorites, 12 Piece Box - 9.9 oz

Price: $ 22.00

Type of Chocolate

Nut Patties, 12 Piece Box - 9.6 oz

Price: $ 22.00
Type of Chocolate

Buttercrunch, 12 Piece Box - 9.6 oz

Price: $ 22.00
Type of Chocolate

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