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Hello AOY Center Families,
I wanted to share one of my favorite books by Dr. Seuss with you and a few inside and outside art projects and activities. Yes, it's an inspiring story with wonderful illustrations about a brave and loyal elephant named Horton.

Book video- Horton Hears a Who


If you have some blue paint you can let your child paint the palm of their hand and press it into the middle of the paper. If you don't have paint then trace your hand with a pencil. I suggest that you let them try to do it themselves. Have them spread their fingers apart before tracing. Color in the elephant with a blue marker, crayon or colored pencils.  Let them use a black marker to go over the coloring or paint and add some details. Give Horton a tail, ears, a smile, eyes and some lines on his trunk. I also like to add toes to his feet and a flower in Horton's trunk. You can let your child dip their finger in some paint to create the puffy flower. I also like to let the kids decide where the elephant is standing. I let them use their artistic license to imagine a place and what he’s surrounded by in the picture.

You can talk about the words you want to add to the picture by asking your child about what Horton was trying to do in the story. I just love the answers they come up with on their own. If you read the quote to them you can ask them what they thought he meant when he said it. I’m sure they will come up with some amazing connections.

2 inside Activities- Connect the Dots & Maze

Outside activity- Hear like Horton and Dandelions Discovery:


1. Go outside and sit down and close your eyes. Then, listen very carefully. Let's be a really good listener like Horton. How many different things can you hear? Can you name them. Can you point in the direction the sound is coming from?

Did you hear birds, how about the wind, leaves rustling, cars driving, kids playing, squirrels climbing and maybe even your own breathing?
2. Dandelions remind me of the flower that Horton holds in his trunk, during the story. Can you find some in your yard? Let's examine these pretty flowers/weeds up close. Are there any little creatures living on them? Does it have a sweet scent? How do they feel? When you are done examining the flowers put them in some water and give them to someone who lives in your house with you.

If you are looking for a good way to explain why staying in one place is important thing to do these days, I suggest another Dr. Seuss book titled Horton hatches an egg. I have included the video for this book below.

-Video of Horton hatches an egg

Dr.Seuss - Horton Hatches the Egg


Have a wonderful creative week!

Kris Roba

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