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Good Morning Creative Artists and Family,

 Since the weather is nice, and I'm sure you will want to explore your backyard for some fresh air and a change of scenery, I thought a nature walk might inspire some creativity.  I like to take a long a few items such as a magnifying glass, binoculars, a paper bag for collecting and a camera on my nature walks with my kids. These supplies make the walk seem very purposeful and important. My kids really liked taking turns looking at things close up and taking pictures of things that interested them. You could even bring a sketch book in case you want to try to sketch something you see.

 For our project today you can collect a bunch of green leaves, a red flower petal or red leaf, some small sticks, a handful of grass and a few pebbles. With all of this great natural material you can make a Caterpillar like the first image below. The kids will have fun working on their scissor skills cutting out circles from the green leafs for the body and breaking sticks for legs and antennae. Sa e tbe red leaf or flower petal for the head. I would use the small pebbles for eyes and a smile. The grass can be arranged below the Caterpillar to put him in his natural setting. This project can be glued onto paper or even just arranged without glue on a patio or sidewalk. I suggest taking a picture to keep if you are arranging it outside and leaving it for the animals to see and appreciate. 

 Below is a link for a reading of "The very Hungry Caterpillar" by none other then  Eric Carle himself. This is a book I loved to read and share the illustrations with my kids. I have included some additional fun art project ideas to go along with the book. I hope you have a great time exploring and creating!

Thank you,

Kris Roba

Youtube: Caterpillar

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